The absence of small business investment located within our tribal community’s continues to exacerbate the growing disparity between Main Street and Indian Country. That's why SVR embodies a cultural ethos of indigenous entrepreneurship, which are self-determined, resurgent, and self-sustained.

Our intentions are honest and clear. By circulating portions of our profits throughout our underrepresented neighborhoods; we will uplift tribal owned businesses, and spark a chain reaction of Indian ownership.

Doing business with other indigenous entrepreneurs is one way for us to spur social mobility. From the Great Plains, to the Great Basin, there are so many examples of indigenous innovation gaining momentum in Native Country. We look forward to partnering with all of you!


SVC vision is to foster community, empower our customers, and assure greater quality. Our goal is to produce consistent high quality products and provide our customers with reliable, friendly, and expedient services.

SVC will utilize educational outreach opportunities, and coffee literacy venues, along each step of the production chain. As our customer base grows, so will their knowledge about experiencing all the related joys of coffee.